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Fermentation Creation at the Market: September 20th


On September 20th at the Beaverton Farmer's Market, the gang from Fermentation Creation will be on site to teach and demonstrate the art of fermentation. Stop by their booth to learn how to make your own sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi and probiotic beverages.

Traditionally food fermentation was done in large clay crocks or 10-gallon buckets. For the modern consumer, the task seems daunting. The crocks and buckets yield way too much food for the average household to consume, and lend themselves to the growth of mold and bacteria during the fermentation process. Fermentation Creation’s Food Fermentation Kit is fully contained in a ½ gallon Ball mason jar, specially designed to allow the natural gases created during fermentation to escape safely while preventing oxygen from entering, thus eliminating mold.

In addition, the Master Food Preservers will be on site to answer questions and provide resources for home canners. Be sure to stop by!

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