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New Market Vendors for 2018

We welcome these new vendors to the market lineup in 2018!

Aviv - An Israeli plant based food and drink establishment making dairy-free ice cream.

Casie’s Cookie Dough - Pre-scooped cookie dough balls that are edible raw or can be baked fresh in your own kitchen. No prep, No mess!

Clean Slate Suds - Handcrafted, natural and powerful laundry products. We're a family owned business providing environmentally friendly Washing Powder, Stain Stick, Wool Dryer Balls, Room & Linen Spray for the home user. Safe products for the entire family!

Culture Aromatics - We hand select nutritious, organic vegetables and herbs and gently dehydrate them. Once dehydrated we mill and combine the aromatics in specific proportions to create our fantastic aromatic starters ( Mirepoix, Duxelles, Battuto, Soffrito, Refogado, Three Star & Holy Trinity). Our drying process preserves the nutrients and flavor. Savor the harvest long after the last tomato has been plucked from it's vine. To boost a particular taste profile, try our single ingredient options ( Just Carrots, Just Shallots, Just Spinach, Just Heirloom Tomatoes, Just Beets & Just Leeks). Add a pinch, a teaspoon or heaping tablespoon into your soup, sauce, burger, eggs or sauté. Aromatics are the foundation of many classic recipes, without them the world of distinct cultural flavor would be lost. Explore a culture of taste!

Drink Shrub - Introducing SHRUB, a refreshing new style of soft drink inspired and crafted using 17th century preserving techniques. The combination of fruit infused drinking vinegars and the smoothing quality of coconut water, allows us to create a soda that is bold, sophisticated and healthy.

Felton & Mary’s Artisan Foods - A third generation artisanal food company producing thoughtfully crafted foods with a story to enhance your barbecuing experience. We produce Three BBQ sauces and a Spice Rub.

Frogsong Farm - We are a family owned and operated vertically integrated hemp business. We grow high CBD industrial hemp, extract it and make CBD products out of it. We are a certified pending B corp and in 2018 should have our growing and extraction process officially certified organic along with our products. Our goal is to provide the highest quality CBD products and do business in a way that benefits our customer’s health, respects on honors our employees, contributes to our community and builds the fertility of the land.

Golden Elixir Ghee - Ghee is a traditional ayurvedic Indian version of clarified butter. It has a slightly nutty in taste and has a grainy texture. Ghee is a great vegetarian alternative to lard and other high fat cooking oils since ghee is made from cows milk. I use local organic unsalted butter and cook it in steel pots to make sure the water is evaporated and all that is left is the golden color of ghee infused with a beautiful taste and the whole process of cooking is unique in my recipe. Ghee has a high smoking point of 450 degrees which makes it ideal to saute vegetables and even for fying. Ghee is considered as a super food and is the new trending food for health nuts.

Grano Breads - Grano is a local artisanal bakery focused on naturally leavened breads using primarily ancient grains from local organic producers. We have a rotating menu of breads and rustic pastries that are a reflection of the bounty of the pacific northwest. Our mission is community and our purpose is bread!

GronCBD - GronCBD uses high quality organic, fair trade, and ethically sourced chocolate. Combined with a lichen derived from tree bark and citrus peel, the CBD has no trace THC, but all of the medicinal qualities! The process is also inline with our mission for ethical land use and environmental responsibility.

Sarracenia Northwest - Plant nursery specializing in carnivorous plants.

We are a family owned and operated creamery in Helvetia, Oregon, located on a 6th generation Century Farm. We specialize in artisan Swiss cheese, made from the fresh milk of our Brown Swiss cows.

Hoss Sauce - We make hot sauces with heat you can handle. Our sauces are super flavorful with a kick of heat that won't ruin your food or your tastebuds. We have two flavors, a Korean style sauce for all your stir fries, rice and noodle dishes, and cold pizza. Our Guajillo is our taco or enchilada sauce, made with roasted onions and jalapenos, tomatoes, and a touch of honey. We are stoked to be part of the food community and can't wait for you to sample our Sosses!

Jimmy Tomato - Produces a Classic Italian Tomato and Meat sauce from Mother's original recipe from 1954. Tomato based sauce with onions, garlic, herbs combined with Italian sausage and high end 10% ground beef. Sausage and beef comprise 25% of sauce. Excellent with all types of pasta.

Landia Skincare We are family owned and operated and we lovingly hand make small batch, organic, vegan & chemical-free skin care for the face (cleansers, toners, lotions, cremes & serums) and for the body (lotions, cremes & scrubs). Our products are gently scented using essential oils and are vegan, non-GMO as well as being paraben, sulfate, phthalate & cruelty free. We do not use artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives PLUS we single-package (in glass containers) and offer a recycling incentive to our customers by offering a $1 credit for each glass container they return to us.

Mic’s Mix - Mic's Mix is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality gluten free flour blends we know you and your family will love. Break all the rules with Mic's Mix and try something different. We aren't wheat, we beat it!

Momo Cocoa - Momo Cocoa creates exceptional cocoa products in small batches, with unique flavors for every day enjoyment.

Nobull Specialty Foods - NOBULL Scratch Starters are hyper clean, plant based, raw, sustainably sourced concentrates with 50% less sodium and 90% more applications than commercial bases. NOBULL starters have a 3 year shelf life in the freezer but never freeze solid (always spoon-ready from the freezer) and provide fresh, aromatic and consistent full-flavor profiles quickly and easily with zero-waste. NOBULL Starters have unparalleled versatility—over 15 applications and counting—from full-flavored instant stocks, sauces, gravies and marinades to delicious vinaigrettes, patties, dips and braised, roasted, sauteed or grilled vegetables and meats. NOBULL can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even beverages. There are 4 products in our current line: Original, Carrot Ginger, Mediterranean and Umami Mushroom.

Portland Cider Co. - We started the Portland Cider Company in 2012 with the intent of marrying English cider traditions with the innovative Northwest micro-brewing culture. Lynda hails from Somerset county of England, the traditional cider making region, and Jeff is a native Oregonian. It all started from a desire to make the clean, dry cider Lynda grew to love in England, and Jeff yearned to find here. The first batches began in our guest room closet, 5 gallons at a time, made to quench our own thirst. We then introduced it to our friends and family, most never having drank cider before, and discovered we were on to something when our popularity soared and those small batches went fast! That cider is what became our signature and bestselling “Kinda Dry.” Now 4 years on, we continue to devote the same passion for 5000 gallon batches as we did for those first 5 gallon ones. Only now we don’t worry about running out of what we love! We hope you won’t run out of it either!

We make pozole! A beautiful, delicious and traditional Mexican soup containing bold chiles, spices and hominy. We produce our soup in small batches and house it in 16 ounce glass jars for consistency and quality.

Rainbow Ice Cream - We create artisan hand crafted ice cream with all natural fruit, Fresh fruit water, and chopped fruit.

Raindance Orgtanics - Handcrafted Facial Line, Body Care and Herbal-Medicinal Products Made using Organic and Locally Sourced Ingredients.

Sarah Bellum’s Bakery & Workshop - Sarah Bellum's Bakery & Workshop is a not-for-profit, social enterprise bakery program whose mission to to provide work training and opportunity to adult survivors of acquired brain injury in the Portland, OR metro region. Our vision is to see every adult with brain injury who wants to work in competitive, paid employment. We accomplish our mission through providing job coaching to help our bakers create, bake, decorate, and sell delicious, hand-crafted cupcakes made with organic ingredients. We offer a variety of flavors, including gluten-free/vegan options. Sarah Bellum's Bakery & Workshop launched in the summer of 2017 at one farmer's market to assess our feasibility, and is focused on growth and expanded sales in 2018 through multiple farmer's markets and other foodservice outlets. Led by baker and speech-language pathology professor, Rik Lemoncello, we will prepare beautifully crafted and delicious cupcakes with a story and purpose. Dr. Lemoncello oversees the training, baking, and decorating, which is all completed by adults with brain injury.

Scratch Meats - Handmade fresh sausages made from scratch by us in North Portland! We deliver traditional, ethnic, and seasonal sausages made with sustainably sourced meat and produce from local farms. We use absolutely no preservatives. Our product can only be found at farmers markets.

Sweet Treats by George - Sweet Treats by George is a candy business making a variety of nut brittle's, toffees, caramels, fudge and more, packaged in snack size, for gifts and parties.

Suzanne's specializes in hand crafted chocolates and confections using only the highest quality seasonal and local ingredients.

The Cracker King - The Cracker King is a Gluten Free Artisan Handcrafted Cracker Company.

Twisted Croissant - Putting a twist on the timeless classic, "the croissant". Using modern techniques and the freshest, highest quality and local ingredients to reinvent this staple pastry.

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