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Fall Market Hours

The summer season is now done, and we now transition to our Fall market. The market is largely the same, with a handful of vendors who are done for the season. Many of your favorite vendors will stick around for the whole season, and we're actually adding several new vendors this fall.

Come see what the Beaverton Farmer's Market has to offer this fall, starting October 6, with opening bell one hour later at 9:00 am.

New Vendors for the Fall: aMylk is different from other nut mylks & plant mylks that you can find commercially available. For one, aMYLK is made with at least 18% nuts or seeds as opposed to the 2-5% found in other brands. Also, aMYLK uses no stabilizers, no thickeners, and no synthetic vitamins. aMYLK is activated, raw and unpasteurized. They only use 100% organic nuts or seeds and a very short list of the highest quality organic ingredients they can source. aMYLK is made with a lot of Love. Dauntless Wine Cømpany is a veteran owned and operated winery whose mission is to serve the veteran community through charitable contribution. Located in the northern Willamette Valley, our goal is to craft premium Oregon wine while helping veterans transition from the battlefield to the home front. We are committed to service by giving veterans a professional alternative through viticulture and enology - allowing them to decompress from the stressors of post-war life. Dauntless Wine Cø. was founded by three Iraq war combat veterans - two Marines and one Corpsman. After years of service, the three founders felt that more could be done for the veteran community. Aesthete Tea - Unique to Aesthete, the brand’s proprietary tea blends are created by Aesthete’s Master Blender, Maggie Cassidy, who also happens to be Founder Briana Thornton’s mother. Aesthete Tea's mission is to bring the ancient respect and knowledge of tea to the current world, through a minimalist brand that represents the modern tea drinker. Motha’ Butta - Organic Coconut Butter crafted in the heart of Portland. Vegan, Gluten Free and Sugar Free. Shelf stable superfood coming in six flavors, and three varying sizes. Great alternative to nut butter, dairy free spread or sweet treat addition. Peace of Soap - Kind Suds™ for our Kind Buds. Est. in 2000 by an Oregon native, Peace of Soap crafts 100% natural, artisan soap of the highest quality. They are proud to be an eco-friendly, organic ingredient soap company! You can trust they are free of any synthetics, including toxic chemical fragrances, dyes, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, glycols, petrochemicals, and solvents. We believe that raw, organic ingredients and pure essential oils make great soap that is healthy for your body and the environment and commitment to the community they serve.

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