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The Market Sprouts Club mission is to inspire children to take part in their local food system, enjoy eating nutritious foods, and empower them to make healthy choices. We hope to provide an opportunity for kids to engage with local farmers and get to know where their food comes from in order to improve health outcomes and inspire a new generation of informed and healthy eaters.

Kids will be enrolled in Farmers Market Sprouts Club by writing their name and age on a Market Sprouts Passport. They will receive stickers and other incentives throughout the season. Children will have the opportunity to participate in special activities that encourage a better understanding about farmers, food, nature, and healthy choices.


The Market Sprouts Kids Club Tool kit is a resource for lesson plans and physical materials for kids’ activities developed for MSKC. The lesson plans are accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Additionally, some of the physical materials that accompany the lessons are available for check-out to the staff at Washington County farmers markets [See Check-Out Policies and Procedures for more information]. Jodi Monroy of the Beaverton Farmers Market and Caitlin Matthews of the Forest Grove Farmers Market developed the toolkit in collaboration in 2014. They hope that these lesson plans will be used and adapted to serve kids at farmers' markets and in classrooms throughout the county, region, and country.



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