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Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake Donuts

This year at the Market, we've seen a rise in vendors who offer gluten free, vegan, raw, and paleo options. We love seeing this type of diversity in the Market, and think it's great to have a little something for everyone!

One of these new vendors is Kember's Gluten Free, a local company who makes gluten free baking mixes. From pizza crust to donuts, they've got a wonderful array of sweet and savory options.

We tried out their donut mix this week, and were so impressed with their quality and versatility. The donuts themselves are a blank canvas, just waiting for frosting, spices, or fun toppings. There are a million different ways you can bake them. We particularly loved the fresh and seasonal idea of turning them into strawberry shortcake donuts, and so we whipped up a batch. They were so simple, elegant, and delicious.

That said, these donuts are perfect for any crowd! They are gluten free, and can easily be adapted to be vegan as well. They are light and fluffy, and will please even the gluten-lovers in your life. Give em a try!


1) Bake donuts with Kember’s Donut Mix (according to package directions), cool and slice in half.

2) Sweeten your freshly sliced strawberries with your sweetener of choice to your liking.

3) Whip up a batch of regular or Almond Whipped Cream (V)!

4) Place a couple of spoonful’s of strawberries on the bottom half of a donut, generously top with almond whipped cream, and cap it off with the top of the donut.

It's as easy as that!

Wa-la! You have elegant, deliciously fresh Strawberry Shortcake that is gluten and dairy free!!

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