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Starvation Alley Cranberry Cocktails

Starvation Alley is a new to the market this year, and we absolutely love their cranberry juice. Not only is it made from local organic cranberries, but the juice isn't sweetened, at all. It's a far cry from the sugary cranberry juice cocktail you'll find on grocery shelves. This allows the true cranberry flavor to shine through, and it's delicious! Since it's supposed to be hot again this weekend, we asked the folks at Starvation Alley for a few of their favorite refreshing cranberry cocktail recipes. Pick up a bottle of their organic cranberry juice on Saturday, along with a bottle of something tasty from House Spirits, New Deal Distillery, or Eastside Distilling. STARVING NEGRONI SA Cranberry juice Sweet Vermouth (Dolin Rouge is a nice one) Aviation Gin (from House Spirits) Method: Mix equal parts of the 3 ingredients together. Serve with a big ice cube. Orange twist around the rim and toss in glass. IMPROVED CAPE CODDER From David Shenaut at Raven & Rose 1.5 oz New Deal Vodka 1.24 oz SAF Cranberry for Concoctions 1/2 oz Cane Syrup Barspoon of Campari

Method: Build on ice, stir, squeeze lime, garnish and sprinkle with Jacobsen Sea Salt.


1 oz Below Deck Spiced Rum (from Eastside Distilling)

1/2oz Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum

3/4oz Lime juice

1/2oz Campari

1/2oz Pineapple

1/4oz SAF Cranberry

Method: Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled with crushed ice.

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