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The Great Asparagus Debate.

Recently, we posed a question to our Facebook fans: we wanted to know which size asparagus spears you preferred - skinny or fat. We were surprised to find that the responses were evenly divided between both sizes! One Facebook follower remained neutral by saying that it didn’t really matter to him as long as it was asparagus. I tend to agree with the either/or camp. Each size has its own merits. I like delicate skinny asparagus as long as it is not so slender that it is all skin with no meaty interior. I like fat spears as long as the skin isn’t too tough to chew. I don’t peel asparagus of any size because I am busy and it is too much work so the stalk, no matter its size, has to be tender and succulent.One Facebook follower suggested that it was best to use fat asparagus when wrapping it with prosciutto and grilling or broiling it. I also tend to prefer the chubbier spears when I am going to boil and serve it simply as a vegetable. If I am going to use it in a dish such as a salad, or on top of grits, between squares of puff pastry, or tossed with pasta, I go for the more slender spears.While size is a personal preference, the most important consideration in selecting perfect asparagus is freshness. Look for moist succulent spears that show no signs withering or rot. Stalks should have a bright green color with the tips closed tightly. Store your asparagus in a glass with about an inch of water, cover with plastic wrap. Like flowers, asparagus stalks will wick up the water helping them stay moist and fresh.For a little extra inspiration, here are a few of our favorite asparagus recipes!

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