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This Saturday is our 4th annual Summer Food Drive! Please read below for information on this important community event.


Did you know that Washington Co. has some surprisingly sad statistics?

  • There are about 40,000 children living at or below 185% of poverty level (29% of Washington county children)

  • 28% of schools in Washington County have 50% or higher kids on the free and reduced lunch program (35 schools)

We greatly admire the organizations that deal with troubling issues such as hunger. One such organization is our Tualatin Valley Gleaners. The Gleaners provide food for over 200 Wash. Co. families each week. These families arrive at the Beaverton Resource Center each Saturday without shame or embarrassment. All member families work/volunteer in field and urban gleaning in exchange for desperately needed assistance. The Gleaners strive to not just fill bellies, but to do so with high-quality, nutritious food.

To help support the Gleaners we will be hosting our “4th Annual Buy a Bunch for the Hungry, Summer Food Drive” this Saturday. While our preference is for fresh food donations which support both our famers and our neighbors, the Gleaners will gladly accept

  • cash donations

  • canned, bagged or boxed food

  • pet food

  • personal supplies (deodorant, diapers, shampoo…)

  • condiments (mayo, ketchup, soy sauce, syrup, …)

  • protein foods (canned tuna, chicken and other meats)

The Tualatin Valley Gleaners are working to change the way food insecurity is perceived and raise awareness of hunger in Washington County. Many Oregonians, from all walks of life, are faced with the daily challenge of paying bills and buying food. TVG hopes to assist families on the road to food security in a healthy way, even before it becomes an emergency.

Please consider making a donation this Saturday!

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