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Beat the Heat with Popsicles!

We're in the midst of a heatwave here in the Northwest, and one way we are beating the heat is with popsicles! There are so many fresh and creative recipes for homemade popsicles, and so we thought we'd share a few of our favorites. Check out these recipes and pick up some popsicle ingredients at the market on Wednesday or Saturday! (We've even included a couple of recipes for boozy popsicles for the adults, mmm...) Creamy Raspberry Coconut Popsicles -- sub Dreamboat's coconut milk yogurt for Greek yogurt in this recipe for an extra coconutty popsicle! Cranberry Cherry Popsicles -- Grab some fresh cherries from the market, mix with Starvation Alley's cranberry juice, and add a touch of maple syrup (or Tbee's honey!). Strawberry Lemon Ginger Ale Pops Blueberry Vanilla Yogurt Popsicles Blueberry Apricot Popsicles Strawberry Margarita Ice Pops Apricot Dark n Stormy Cocktails -- apricots, ginger beer, lime, and rum! Yum! Or, make your own beer popsicles with a bottle or two of Ambacht's ale! There's so much fresh fruit to choose from at the market this time of year, and the popsicle ideas are endless. Stay cool, have fun, and eat a lot of popsicles! :)

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