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BFM Policy on Ornamental Products and Crafts
The BFM is as an all agricultural Market. We do not allow crafts, hardware, garden products, food supplements or other nonagricultural products.
One of the purposes of the Market is to showcase the bounty of agricultural and horticultural products available in our area. During the month of October, vendors will have the opportunity to sell ornamental horticultural products. These products must be hand assembled by the vendor and must meet the product guidelines listed below. These guidelines are intended to encourage vendors to create unique products, which are in keeping with the Market’s reputation for quality, locally produced items.
  1. Submit products for review to the Market Master during the month of September. Only products which have been reviewed and approved will be allowed to be sold.

  2. Products shall be hand assembled by the vendor of materials which are grown or collected locally, at least 75% of which are the vendors own.

  3. Purchased bases (e.g. wreath forms, containers for arrangements) must not be a major component of the finished product, either visually or in value.

  4. Any purchased adornment such as bows and ribbons must be of natural fibers, raffias, grasses or other natural materials (no satin or foil).

  5. Some examples of the types of ornamental products which will be considered are: wreaths and swags, adorned garlic braids, dried floral arrangements, decorated gourds and pumpkins.

  6. Crafts are not considered as ornamental products and are not allowed to be sold at any time during market season.

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